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About Us 


Right from a very young age, the director who was dubbed “Super” by his friends and close associates for this very reason, was very talented and at home with mechanical and electronic devices. This led him to start thinking seriously about choosing this as a career path as he was called upon by many to help them with their technical problems. He then went on to secure various professional qualifications in electronics, computing and networking, to further establish himself in this field. Setting up his own company was inevitably as this was something he’d dreamt of since his high school days. Hence, the emergence of Ravit Solutions was a natural progression from his escapades as tech support for family and friends.

Virtual Cafe

A Computer Cafe with a difference. Why go out in the cold or in the wet, just to finish that CV, or send that all important assignment. When you can join the queue in the comfort of your home and let the computer come to you. Yes, right on your sofa, in a surrounding that is most private, yet familiar, you can enjoy all the benefits of a computer cafe and more. Just relax and let Ravit Solutions do all the hard word. We've you covered. 

IT Service

As computers become part and parcel of our daily lives, there is the ever-increasing need to feel at home and have that peace of mind as you use them. Regardless of your level of expertise, everyone would like to have that assurance that help is just a phone call/mouse click away, when the need arises. When this is coupled up with a friendly, reliable and professional service,- it’s becomes a breath of fresh air that most PC/Mac users whole-heartedly welcome. 

AV Solutions

The world around us is changing and the advent of COVID has made that change more far reaching and indelible. The Home-Office is no longer a strange phenomenon and live stream, Zoom meetings and Microsoft Teams are all terms that are familiar to the average man on the street. So, whether your need a camera for your production, a sound system for your church, or just improving your current setup. Give us a call.

VoIP Systems

Work smarter with our VoIP service. Digital communications have opened up our world to a host of possibilities; from converting your land line into a mobile line, to having a personal intercom and door answering service, all at your fingertips. Whatever your need might be, Ravit solutions can offer you a system that is tailored to suit you.