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A Simple and Friendly service

Our Ethos

Providing a remarkable yet affordable service is that reason why we exist. Our aim is to take the difficult out of technology so you can have the luxury of choice and the pleasure of enjoying the benefits that it brings. As computers become part and parcel of our daily lives, there is the ever-increasing need to feel at home and have that peace of mind as you use them. Regardless of your level of expertise, everyone would like to have that assurance that help is just a phone call/mouse click away. When that is coupled up with a friendly, reliable, and professional service, it’s a breath of fresh air any PC/Mac users would wholeheartedly welcome.  RAVIT Solutions offers a range of IT, Multimedia and Communications products and services to Homes, Schools, Churches, Charities and SMB's.

Our Purpose

At Ravit Solutions, we love to make our customers feel at home by providing them a simple and friendly service. We also cultivate a culture of excellence in our operations with the sole intention of providing ‘total service’ to our customers. Here at Ravit Solutions, we believe in providing a quality of service that puts both the care of the customer and their equipment right in the centre of that service. Just because total satisfaction cannot be achieved in this line of business if both aspects are not well taken care of. Hence for us, ‘total service' equates 'total satisfaction', and where one is lacking, the other cannot be complete. Therefore, the customer's expectation becomes our minimum standard, which we would always aim to transcend because a happy customer is definitely a satisfied one.


You make the decision, we provide the solution


Thinking outside the box is our default approach.


...is natural, when customer care is cultural.


Pulling out all the stops, so you can come out tops.

Unique Selling Points

  1. Simple
    Life is already difficult. Rather than add to it, we delight in taking the stress out of your interaction with technology which forms a huge part of your daily routine.

  2. Friendly

    Being simple and friendly is our watchword, and total service is what we are about. So we cut through some of the red-tapes just to make you feel at home.

  3. Reliable

    In our books, reliability is not just turning up on time, but finishing the job and signing it off with the confidence and satisfaction it can stand the test of time.

  4. Professional

    Providing a service that is exceptional in addition to all the above is like the icing on the cake. Hence we are always striving to raise of our standards even higher.